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Search of Presbyterian Aughnacloy and Church of Ireland Carnteel
Records Report Researched for Jim White

We agreed that I should carry out a search of Presbyterian Aughnacloy baptismal and marriage records from their earliest survival in 1812 until around 1823 when your ancestor John Cobean/Cobane/Cobain and family emigrated and of Church of Ireland Carnteel records from their earliest survival in 1805 until around 1823 for evidence of the Cobean family.

Presbyterian Aughnacloy
Marriages 1812-1822

Although catalogued as surviving until 1827, marriages after 1822 were missing.

18th March 1812
John McKee of Sky married Jane Cobane of Sky

20th October 1816
John Carson of Glencull married Anne Cobane of Lisginny

14th December 1818
William McKenzie of Derrycreevy married Sarah Cobane of Sky

19th February 1819
Thomas Cobane of Sky married Elizabeth Cobane of Sky

2nd December 1819
Alexander Cobane of Sky married Eleanor Bell of Drumfad
Witnesses: John Cobane of Sky, William Dunbar of Drumfad

20th November 1820
John Cobane of Crossboy married Letitia Montgomery of Tullybryan
Witnesses: Hugh McCreary of Crossboy, James Montgomery of Tullybryan

18th October 1821
John Cobain of Sky and Maria Stephenson were married
Witnesses: Rev James McWilliams, James Simpson of Aughnacloy

1st August 1822
Thomas Brown of Killineery and Margaret Cobain of Drumcullion
Witnesses: David Cairns of “do” and James Wilson of Aughnacloy

The only John Cobaen of Skey we see marrying is in October 1821 when he married Maria Stephenson.(Note: This John Cobean Family emigrated to Australia.)

We see a Thomas Cobean of Skey marrying an Elizabeth Cobean of Skey in February 1819. (Note: This is believed to be the Thomas and Elizabeth Cobean, with son John, who emigrated to Ontario, and are the gg grand parents of JAW).

Presbyterian Aughnacloy
Baptisms 1812-1827

Thomas Cobane, Sky
John his son baptized 6th January 1821 (Note: This John Cobean is believed to be the g grand father of JAW).

John Cobane, Sky
Nancy his daughter baptized 15th April 1821 (Note: This is believed to be the Agnes Cobean in Canadian Census records, who married Samuel Reany).

John Cobane, Sky
James his son baptized 9th September 1823 (Our John ? Our James ???)

John Cobane, Sky
Samuel his son baptized 10th November 1823 (Note: James also born to a John Cobean in Sept 1823 above!!)

John Cobane, Sky
Mary Anne his daughter baptized 11th December 1824

John Cobane, Sky
Robert his son baptized 24th March 1825

James Falls and Anne Cobane
James their son baptized 12th April 1826

Baptismal records have survived from 1812 but we do not see Cobane baptisms until the year 1821.

Church of Ireland Carnteel
Marriages 1805-1822

No Cobean (or variant spelling) marriages during these years.

Church of Ireland Carnteel
Baptisms 1805-1825
[MIC/583/27 and 29]

The only Cobean baptisms during these years were as follows:

William son of Jane Cobane of Skie and [name crossed out] of Glenroe in this Parish was born November 19th 1821 and Christened December 9th 1821

James of William Cobane and Sarah Johnson his wife of Mullaghs Bane in this Parish was born September 27th and Christened 23rd November 1823

Robert son of Jane Cobane of Knocknarney in this Parish was born 12th and baptised 24th September 1825

Elizabeth daughter of William Booth and Anne Cobane his wife of Tullyvar in this Parish was born 28th December 1825 and baptised 25th January 1826

The name of the father had been crossed out in several entries in these registers where the mother's name appeared first.

I searched the Will calendars (which date from 1858 only) for Cobean Wills in the hope that surviving Wills might help to establish family relationships between your family in Skey.

Unfortunately there were no references to formal Wills, but it is estimated that only around five per cent of the population - apart from the wealthy - did leave formal Wills which went to the Probate Courts.

The townland of Skey and many of the other townland addresses in Presbyterian Aughnacloy records are, in fact, closer to Presbyterian Ballygawley than Aughnalcoy. As I mentioned in an email dated 30th April 2008, Presbyterian Aughnalcoy and Presbyterian Ballygawley churches were united from 1789 until 1829.

Church of Ireland Ballygawley records have not survived from early enough to be of help.

I hope this has been of interest, even though results have probably not been what you expected.

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