A Portrait of David by Micah Lexier

Our very own David Cobain participated in the "A Portrait of David" exhibit at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, January 30 - April 10, 1994.

Peter Trepanier, National Gallery of Canada states "A Portrait of David" is a trajectory of portraits that enumerate collective identities and attributes, in this case a group of seventy-five males who share the name of David and who live in Winnipeg. Lexier’s choice of the number of individuals in the group ties in with the life expectancy of a Canadian male, and the book has seventy-five pages, each David occupying one page that records a particular year in that David’s life. Although biographical details (other than the accounted age) are not provided on the page, the collective venture underlines Lexier’s message of human interrelatedness.

A Portrait of David (1994) "consists of 75 life-sized photos of men and boys named David. There is o-ne David of each age o-ne to age 75. Each portrait has been mounted beside the next chronologically to create a generalized portrait of a Canadian male as he ages. The portraits are mounted to both sides of a huge free-standing wall which runs 125 feet long between two of the large galleries of the Winnipeg Art Gallery."

Micah Lexier was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He studied Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba, then obtained a Master's degree at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. His work has always explored identity.

Artist Micah Lexier's subject matter is the process of growing up and growing older, and the influence of family - and generations of family - on who we are.

Portrait of David

The portrait on the left is David at 62 years of age; the portrait on the right is David at 72 years of age

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David Cobain