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A Rock Star

The Cobain/Titanic Connection

A Portrait of David by Micah Lexier

Yes, even a Saint...

...and, a character in a play

Reverend Edward G. Cobain (deCobain) and Edward Samuel Wesley deCobain (1840 -1908) MP for Borough of Belfast (East Division)

Cobains in France

Thanks to Robert John Cobain for his interesting link to the French Surname site.

According to this site there are currently 1,496 people in France with Cobain as their surname, making it the 4,932 most common surname. The map shows the areas of France where people with this surname reside with the largest concentrations being in the areas of Meurthe-et-moselle, Cote-d-or, Val-d-oise and Paris.

This does appear to lend some credence to the surname having a French Huguenot origin as this has to the largest concentration of the surname I am aware of.

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