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This section contains some of the documents that we have discovered on our genealogical quest. They are provided here for information and as samples of the types of documents you may encounter and the type of data they provide.

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Cobain Database (Cobains in Ireland in the 1800's)
This is an alphabetical listing by first name of various Cobain data. There are 5 entries per page. Each listing indicates the first, middle and last names of the individual. It incudes the name of the spouse (if available) and the address (if available). The item (e.g. birth, death, marriage, etc.) is listed and the source. The purpose of this listing is to provide a record of all Cobains in Ireland in the 1800's. Due to the scarcity of records for the early 1800's it is my hope that this might help others to ascertain their family members. If you have additional information on any of the Cobains listed or new entries that are not on the list, please forward the information to I will see that the databse is updated periodically. I have attempted to add a "Family Code" when I know that the person belongs to another family in the database. I have grouped these families by area. Therefore, T1 refers to the the first family I have come across from Co. Tyrone. T2 would be the second family in the database from that area, etc. "K" is Kilbride, "L" is Larne, etc.

Index to Births Ireland 1874 - showing birth of Edward Thomas Cobain

E. Thomas Cobain Birth Registration Glenarm, Larne, Co. Antrim

Passenger List of Steamship Manitoban arriving Port of Philadelphia showing E. Thomas, Margaret and Agnes Cobain

Marriage return of E. Thomas Cobain and Ida Blanche Young, Oct. 8, 1902, Spokane, Washington

Marriage certificate of David Cobain to Mary Anne McClughan, August 15th, 1886

Marriage certificate of James Cobain to Sarah Brennan, February 1st, 1916

Map of County Antrim
(retrieved from

Map of Ireland

Cobean Births in Carnteel

Cobean Marriages in Carnteel Parish

Frequency of Cobain Surname in England and Scotland in 1881

Kilbride Cobain signatures on the Ulster Covenant

Copy of 1910 US Census page and blow up of entry for Thomas Cobain and family from Spokane, Washington

50th. Anniversary announcement and photo of E. Thomas Cobain and Ida Blanche Young, Sept. 28, 1952.

Will of William Cobane of Dunmisk, 1876

Relationship between the Cobain and Irwin families that came to Victoria, Australia (submitted by Barry Graham, Melbourne, Australia)

Map of Known Placenames for Antrim Cobains

1825-1827 Tithe Applotment Books "Cobean", all Ireland

Relativity Chart

Irish Naming Patterns

Death Certificate of Margaret Cobane Kelly
Margaret Cobane was a daughter of William Cobane and Sarah Law (descendants of Tyrone No. 1 Cobane line) and she married Arthur Kelly. Place of abode: Carrickmore, Co. Tyrone. She died at the young age of 44, leaving behind 10 kids.

Death Certificate of Thomas Cobane

Death Certificate of Charlotte Anderson Cobane

Ship Manifest
Liverpool, England to New York
May 25, 1857
Showing passage of Thomas and Charles Cobane

Ship Manifest
Showing passage of William Cobane and cousin Samuel Lyon


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