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While there are Cobains in America, Australia, Canada, and England, most appear to trace their ancestry back to Ireland. Prior to their arrival in Ireland, family folklore has it that the name was originally French Huguenot and was possibly De Gobienne or De Cobain. In fact, one branch of the family used the surname "De Cobain" into the 20th century.

The Huguenots were French Protestants who were persecuted for their religious beliefs. Many fled France in the 16th and 17 centuries. Interestingly, there is a rue de Gobienne in Villiers Le Morhier, Gites, France.

It appears that there were 2 branches of the family in Ireland: one based in County Antrim and one in County Tyrone. Both of these counties are in Northern Ireland and are approximately 60 miles apart. The name was spelled in various ways: Cabane, Cobain, Cobaine, Cobane, Cobine, Cobeen. Even in Ireland, the name is quite uncommon.

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The Cobanes in Ireland
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The Cobains in Canada
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The Cobains/Cobanes in Washington State
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Cobain Name History and Family Crest

List of Cobean/Cobane/Cobain/Cobaen/Cobyn/Cabane Marriages In Carnteel Parish, Co. Tyrone 1750-1824

List of Cobean/Cobane/Cobain/Cobaen/Cobyn/Cabane Births in Carnteel, Co. Tyrone 1723 - 1862

Search of Presbyterian Aughnacloy and Church of Ireland Carnteel Records Report

Cobean/Cobain Family of Australia


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Cobain family tombstone