Cobain Family Trees

These family trees show the Cobain lineage as provided by contributers to the website. The 'trees' trace the lineage as far back as the research of that individual has been able to go. These are not complete family trees and only document the Cobain portion of the individuals' tree.

Where possible, additional historical information such as the names of other family members, occupations etc. are provided. If you recognize any of these names or have information on any of these individuals please contact us. We would love to 'grow' our tree and add more branches.

An interesting side note: Kurt Cobain of Nirvana belongs to the Co. Tyrone branch of the family.

Please choose a family tree from the list:

County Antrim Family Trees
Kurt Cobain Family Tree
Co. Tyrone 1 Branch (descendants of Thomas Cobane b.about 1765)
Co. Tyrone 2 (descendants of John Cobean b. about 1753)
Descendent Tree of John Cobean (1719) of Gettysburg
Stephenson/Irwin/Cobain (Australian Branch)
Co. Monaghan Branch
Scotland Family Trees
England Family Trees

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Wedding picture of David and Norma Cobain