County Antrim Family Trees

These trees represent those with the Cobain surname from the areas of Ballynure, Belfast, Carrickfergus, Kilbride, Kilwaughter, Larne and Loonburn. They focus on records from 1800 - 1900.

They were created with information from a variety of sources including: National Archives Census of Ireland 1901 and 1911, Lennon Wylie Belfast Street Directories, Ulster Covenant, LDS Family Search records and various birth and death records.

In some cases, the family record is fairly complete and, in other cases, there is much information still to be discovered. Also, the connection between the Tyrone and Antrim branches still has to be established.

The trees show that in addition to immigrating to Australia and the US, the Cobains moved back and forth between Scotland, England and various locations in Ireland.

In doing this research I am, once again, surprised by the rarity of this surname. Where many typical Irish surnames result in hundreds of “hits” the Cobain surname returns are few and far between. In this period of 1800 - 1900 there are less than 15 Cobain families living in the Co. Antrim area.

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Kilbride Branch

Kilwaughter Branch

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Map of County Antrim, Ireland