Cobain Family Tree - Monaghan Branch

(Submitted by Jackie Smith)

William Cobane (approx b.1820's) m. Jane Lougheed in approximately the 1840's

John b. June 1849 Tulleynarney, Kilmore, Co. Monaghan. d. May 29, 1922 NJ

Jane b. 1858 Tulleynarney. d. Apr. 16, 1879, NY

Robert b. Nov. 1860 d. Nov 1942 NJ

These are the children that I know of as they all came to the U.S. I imagine there may be more, although, none left with the Cobane name in Monaghan today.

John (b. 1849) m. Mary Ann Stewart (b. 1850 Tullenarney, daughter of James Stewart and Margaret Leonard) They were married Dec. 17, 1874 NY

William James (Willie) Cobane Oct. 23, 1875 - March 11, 1879
Born and died in NY.

Henry Stewart Cobane Aug 14, 1878 - Apr. 3, 1879 Born and died in NY

John Stewart Cobane Mar. 12, 1880 - May 14, 1955 Born in NY, Died in NJ

James Stewart Cobane Dec- 1880 - Aug 1881

Mary S. Cobane Nov 1891 - Feb 20, 1891 Born and died in NJ

John was a coachman who worked for FDR's uncle then for the Colgate (toothpaste) family. John came to America in 1867 as did Mary Stewart.

Willie, Henry, and James all died very young. Mary S. lived to adulthood and married William Shupe, but died young without any children.

John was the only one to marry and have a child. Jane: Died at 21 years and didn't marry or have any children.

Robert: Married twice, but had no children. He married the sisters of Mary Ann Stewart Cobane.
First: Margaret on Dec. 18, 1890 in Monaghan. They moved to the U.S. shortly after. Margaret died Aug. 1, 1892 in NJ.
Second: Elizabeth Stewart Dunwoody (her second marriage as well) March 1894.

Robert worked for a "soap" factory, probably the Colgate soap factory. He later became a coachman for the Colgate's next door neighbors. Robert became a naturalized citizen.

Elizabeth came to the U.S. in 1875 and married her first husband, also of Monaghan, in NY.

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